Who We Are

Our Facilities

A great place for children and young people to experience love, care, compassion, understanding and respect.

Our Facilities

Health & Wellbeing

In addition to our Residential and Education facilities, details of which appear in our What we do section, we also have a number of Health & Wellbeing sites across the school. These provide the young people with spaces and tools they can use to learn, develop, keep active and be healthy. 

Swimming Pool

Our pool is used both during education as part of PE lessons. In the evenings and weekends, it can be used as part of the young people’s activities.  

Music and Recording

Our music and recording studio provides an area for the young people to learn an instrument or gain a greater appreciation of music in general. 


The facility hosts a number of guitars, drums and keyboards but also a recording area for young people to sing, play and develop their music.  

Gym & Exercise

The newly refurbished Fitness Studio and Gym Hall provide an indoor area for everyone across the campus to engage in various sports and exercise.

Sports Field

The sports field at the centre of the main campus is used regularly to play football as well as for a number of other track and field sports, and as part of the young people’s PE lessons.