Applied Psychological Services

St Philip's

St Philip’s Applied Psychology Service provides specialist assessment, intervention and support to our young people, their families and the adults supporting them.

Applied Psychological Services

The team consists of a Principal Forensic Psychologist, Assistant Psychologist and a BAPT Registered Play Therapist ®.

We work closely with our local Speech and Language Therapy team and other highly specialised consultants to ensure the complex needs of our young people are identified and understood within the context of their daily lives.


Our role begins before a young person arrives, reviewing available written information to help inform how we might provide the highest levels of care and education to them, and support for their families.


We provide trauma-informed psychological consultation through the St Philip’s Side by Side process. This process embeds the National Practice Model within our organisation, helping to ensure we are continually developing a shared, holistic understanding of our young people which is fundamental for all that we do.


We offer specialist psychological assessments where these may be helpful in informing care planning, providing therapeutic support and enhancing understanding. Working alongside our education department, we conduct psychometric assessments to help formulate bespoke learning experiences for all our young people.


Our Applied Psychology Service has more than 25 years experience of working with young people living away from home and understand the impact this can have on all those affected. We work collaboratively with young people and their families, building responsive relationships from which to explore what truly matters to them, helping to identify and communicate their strengths, wishes and needs.