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St Philip's

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Day Services

At St Philip’s day services we provide an education environment for young people who need a more specialised learning experience. 

St Philip’s recognises that for many young people their previous experience of education and learning has been difficult, challenging and somewhat scary. In many of these cases there is no requirement or need for the young people to be looked after away from their family homes.


However, there is a recognition that they may need an education experience which is different from the mainstream environments they had attended in the past. As such, St Philip’s day services offers a range of general, national and vocational subjects in a more specialised, caring and trauma informed environment.


Although the young people attend primarily during the school term, as part of the St Philip’s community, they have access to the full resources and facilities available. There is also additional activities in place during school holidays and, where necessary, home visits and supports are provided by adults who work in close collaboration with the young people and their families.  


If you are interested in making a referral please use the Start Referral button.

However if you’d prefer to speak with someone, call Janice or Mary in our admin team, who will be more than happy to help.