The Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Act 2021 was passed by the Scottish Parliament on 24th November 2020, gained royal assent on 12th January 2021 and came in to force on Monday 15 August 2022. It is the world’s first legislation to support the provision of free products for those who menstruate.


The Act requires schools in Scotland to provide period products free of charge to anyone who needs them. There should be a reasonable choice of products which are easily obtained in a way that respects a person’s dignity. Products should be provided in all education areas and all venues open to the local community.


St Philip’s School is required by the Act to produce and communicate a Statement on Exercise of Functions, which is a statement to summarise the arrangements in place to meet the legal duties.


This statement sets out St Philip’s School commitment to free period product provision in all education areas and all facilities open to the local community.


Our Commitment


St Philip’s School is committed to the provision of free products for all those who may need to access them. Provision will be made available for all St Philip’s School young people, staff and visitors to the school.


As part of our ongoing commitment to free period products we will ensure that:





A consultation was carried out with pupils within the school with care and education staff engaging with pupils about their views through pupil council meetings and during key time. This was age and stage appropriate.


St Philip’s School is committed to ongoing consultation and engagement activity. Consultation with students will be ongoing and the arrangements for making products available to students will be reviewed on a regular basis.




Free period product provision has been established across the school campus and community services in each appropriate building and bathroom facility. Products available include single use pads and tampons in various sizes/ absorbencies to accommodate differing needs and preferences. A person may access as many products as required.


To ensure St Philip’s School meet the duties under Section 8, we will ensure that information in relation to free period products is promoted regularly through a variety of sources including:



There will also be active promotion of the ‘PickUpMyPeriod’ Mobile Application. This provides details of the free sanitary products available in each local authority.



Environmental Impact


St Philip’s School recognises the environmental impact of single use period products. In response, the school will raise awareness and availability of reusable period products available for free for those who wish to use those types of products.



St Philip’s School will review and update this Statement of Provision on a regular basis and at least annually.



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Telephone:01236 765 407


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